Building a Unique Kitchen Design Under Stairs


Are you tired of kitchen location unremarkable? You want to renovate your kitchen to a different location. Have you ever tried to build a kitchen design under the stairs? Empty space under the stairs is generally left blank. Or maybe the empty space under the stairs usually used for a place to store items that are not used. But now you can take advantage of the empty space under the stairs by building a unique kitchen design.

The uniqueness of the kitchen design should have a fairly high creativity. This is because you have to reorganize your kitchen with the empty space under the stairs. You can change the look of kitchen design with a new or novel concept.

You can adjust the shape of your kitchen design with empty space under the stairs. You can make your kitchen design from small to large size decorated in such a way that you remain comfortable activity in the kitchen and still works as a cook at the same time remains to be also used as a place for a family gathering.

If the empty space under the stairs area, kitchen design can be formed to the maximum. Maximum use of space with the use of space to cook, wash dishes, to the placement of the dining table. You can put it all in one space. Kitchen design is not difficult for you to organize the kitchen to be more unique.

If the space under the stairs is not broad place. You can just put the cabinet as a storage pantry items. Small dining table can be placed at the corner of the room. The use of furniture in the kitchen design should be adjusted to the size of the space. You must be smart in arranging furniture so as not to create the impression of a full.

Kitchen design under the stairs can be brought contemporary concepts combined with the selection of furniture minimalist concept. This design makes the kitchen to be unique because the mix of brown colors with neutral colors. The combination of these colors can give good impression in the activity.

Kitchen design under stairs may be used as a reference in building a unique kitchen and comfort in the activity.